Specialists in gluten-free

Molino Peila SpA produces flours, semolinas, grits and semi-finished products from both organic and conventional farming. Over 50 varieties all gluten-free, without allergens and GMOs.

The products of Molino

Our gluten-free flours and ready-mixes are obtained by processing corn, rice, legumes and superfoods

We care about quality

Casa Peila

Molino Peila's new shop, a few steps from the historical plant in Valperga, in which you can find all our products and a large variety of territorial specialities.

Italian gluten-free,
distributed all over the world

We are the best partner for Italian and International food companies. For more information fill the contact form or call us to +39 0124 617134
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Programma di Sviluppo Rurale 2014-2020

Misura 4 Investimenti in immobilizzazioni materiali
Operazione n 4.2.1 Trasformazione e commercializzazione di prodotti agricoli – bando B 2019

Descrizione progetto: nuovo impianto di lavorazione mais e leguminose; sezioni pulitura e macinazione

Costo complessivo € 1.000.000,00
di cui quota pubblica PSR € 400.000,00