Riseria Peila

A state-of-the-art factory of its kind with multiple manufacturing option joining together polishing and milling.

An innovative plant

The second factory established by Molino Peila to enlarge range of gluten-free certified rice products represents a unique example of plant of its kind.

Production of rice flours, semolinas and rice in grains and brokens merge together in the 5500 square mt factory with the potential of a wide offer of finished rice products for risotto and flours by-products for industry.

Our rice products

Riseria Peila - Factory

Riseria Peila: 7000 square mt dedicated to rice processing, finished products and by-products.

This factory was especially engineered by expert technicians in strict cooperation with Buhler Group, world leader in food and milling machinery industry. .

Processing machineries and production lines are equipped with the most advanced technology guaranteeing high production control and product quality.

Riseria Peila - Processing plant

Polishing and milling rice plant of Riseria Peila is one of its kind.

Riseria Peila - Rolling mill

Machineries and equipments have been provided by Buhler Group, the market leader company

Production process

The rice mill is able to receive and stock simultaneously different varities of paddy rice in 10 separate silos. Here the production process starts offering then conventional and organic round, long and traditional rice, brown and white rice with different degrees of polishing thanks to a production capacity of 5 TONS/HOUR.

These figures show our skill to offer a wide range of rice for all the recipes: Carnaroli, Arborio, Baldo, Roma, Selenio, Ribe and sushi rice.

With the presence of brokens the process continues for semi-finished and finished products: 15 more silos are dedicated for their storage before the milling process.

Rice and its by-products are grinded in the mill in order to get rice flour and semi-finished product with a processing capacity of 5 tons/hour. High-performance machineries allow Molino Peila to sortex and calibrate broken rice as well.

Additional 10 silos are used to store the products at the end of the milling process,such as white and brown flours and semolinas available in different granulometries from both conventional and organic farming.

Riseria Peila - Sophisticated optical sorters select the rice

Sophisticated optical sorters select the rice

Riseria Peila - Rice storage

Specific silos store the products through all the production process

Riseria Peila - Packing department and warehouse

At the end of the manufacturing process, products are paced and moved to the warehouse

Packing department and warehouse

In addition to the manufacturing plant, there are 1500 square meters for the packing department and the warehouse, where finished products are separated, sorted and packed.

Multiple options are offered in order to fulfill professional (and not only) customer needs:

  • industrial bag size: bulk in silo trucks or dump trucks, 1 ton big-bags, kg 25 paper bags, etc.
  • retail packs: kg 10 and lighter units packed with our brand or in Private Label.

 Discover our Private Label service

Watch the video dedicated to our rice mill and take a trip inside!

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