Quality and certifications

Since more than 10 years Molino Peila invests resources and energy to continue to grow in the field of Quality

Naturally gluten-free

Molino Peila has been obtained the voluntary gluten-free product certification released by SGS Italia S.p.A.

 Certificazione Gluten Free - SGS

Celiac consumers are guaranteed: all Molino Peila’s gluten-free products are constantly monitored through each stage of the production process, from harvesting of corn or rice, to stocking, up to milling and to the following packaging for finished product selling.

Cultivation and production certifications

Molino Peila cares about product quality, making all possible efforts to reduce mycotoxins contamination in order to provide consumers with healthy products from every point of view.

1997 - Metodo di coltivazione biologico

In 1997 it qualified for the production and trading of flours obtained from cereals produced with organic cultivation techniques.

Certificazione no OGM - SGS

In 2001 it embraced the path of GMO free products, obtaining voluntary product certification with a third party certification authority.

Certificazione biodinamico - Demeter

In 2002 it obtained authorisation for the production and marketing of flours obtained from cereals produced with biodynamic cultivation method.

Certificazione Kosher

Later it obtained certifiction for the production of Kosher-friendly flour.

Certificazione VeganOK

In 2018 the Company submitted VeganOK certification, the European Quality Brand most known for vegan products.

Production process and distribution certifications

Nowadays, the company has adapted to all the even more increasing market demands, national and international large-scale retail trade, by obtaining:

Esportazioni con Biosuisse Organic

The export authorization with Biosuisse Organic recognition.

Certificazione BRC Food   

The voluntary certifications to BRC standards (British Retail Consortium).

Oggi - Certificazione IFS Food

The voluntary certifications to IFS standards (International Food Standard).

Certificazione ISO 9001 - SGS

The system certification to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 22005 for a complete traceability system of its chain, obtained from SGS Italia S.p.A.

Cooperation and partners

Molino Peila also take part into different associtions and organisations as well as into Italian and European projects:

Collaborazioni - AssoBirra

AssoBirra, the italian organisation involving the major companies producing and trading beer since 1907.


Euromaisiers, the european organisation representing the corn milling industries.

Maestri del Gusto 2019/2020

Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia (Master of the Taste of Turin and province), the project developed by the Turin Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Slow Food.This project is dedicated to the promotion of the best food and wine products which are "awarded as the ambassador of the precious food tradition of the region".

In 2018 Molino Peila was selected as Maestro del Gusto di Torino e provincia for the biennium 2019-2020.

Consegna del Diploma Maestro del Gusto 2019/20

Diploma Maestro del Gusto 2019/20

Premio impresa campione del Piemonte 2019

Centro Studi ItalyPost, the Italian activity that deals with research in the evolution of the business world.

In 2019 Molino Peila was awarded as Champion of Piedmont, issued to the 120 best small and medium-sized enterprises in Piedmont.

Canavese Turismo

Canavese Turismo, the body that promotes our land, brings together specialized operators of tourism and food sector, and that proposes places and activities to enjoy our territory. More on www.canaveseturismo.org

Italian gluten-free,
distributed all over the world

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