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All our products packed with your brand, in several packaging and customizable solutions

Il servizio di Private label

Molino Peila is able to pack in Private label all the range of flour and semi-finished products.
Quality and accurate service are guaranteed for both retail and food industry products, producing for its customer in several kinds of package.

Materials and size

Carton / Paper box

  • Carton box and paper bag

Small-size paper and carton package
Weight: 500 g / 1 kg


Cellophane bag

  • Cellophane bag

Small-size plastic bag
MAP available - Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Weight: 500 g / 1 kg / 2 kg


Paper / Big box

  • Big bag and paper bag

Big-size paper ans sackcloth bag
Paper bag weigth: 5 / 10 / 25 kg
Big bag weight: from 100 to 1000 kg

Italian gluten-free,
distributed all over the world

We are the best partner for Italian and International food companies. For more information fill the contact form or call us to +39 0124 617134
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