Molino Peila

Since more than 90 years, passion and dedication to transform gluten-free cereals into flours and semi-finished products

A story that is more than 90 years old

In the first half of the 19th century, a mill was built in the hamlet of Gallenca, in the small town of Valperga in the province of Turin. On 17th July 1924 Domenico Peila bought the mill and continued his family tradition of common wheat flour production.

During the 60s and 70s, the mill has been enlarged and developed by the sons of Domenico and, by the end of the 80s, it has been converted into a corn mill by founder’s grandsons, having foreseen what would be the successive developments in this field.

In the 80s Molino Peila becomes one of the first examples of company transformation within milling sector.

La famiglia Peila - 1924 circa

The Peila family - around 1924

Il Molino Peila - 1960 circa

Molino Peila - around 1960

The Molino Peila today

In 2010 the company enlarged its products range by acquiring a plant for the milling
of rice

In 2016 the production of a wide range of flours and mixes is launched in the conventional and organic lines. Innovation and high quality products for new market trends as flours from
cereals, legumes and superfoods, always gluten and allergen-free.
The products of the Molino

Today Molino Peila is a major industrial market leader for gluten-free raw materials, able to satisfy all the needs of the most important national and international customers.

Panoramica azienda

Stabilimento del mais

Stabilimento del riso - in costruzione

Our figures

Export Molino Peila

  • 35% of turnover

The share today exceed by the Molino Peila for export all over the world

Continua crescita

  • 85.000 tons

The quantity of gluten-free raw materials processed in 2017

Impianti produttivi

  • 7 production processes

To satisfy all the demands of the market more and more

Formulati senza glutine

  • 50 formulae

More than 50 recipes developed for the Molino's customers

Quality and environment

Molino Peila’s internal laboratory carries out routine checks on all semi-finished and finished products. Staffs are highly specialised and all the instruments employed are state of the art.

In 2016, the company built its own small hydroelectric central, next to the main production plant. This central would support its energy needs.

Quality and certifications

Il Molino per l'ambiente

L'antica turbina che alimentava il Molino e la borgata di Valperga nei primi anni del '900

Il laboratorio analisi interno

The internal laboratory

La mini-centrale idroelettrica

The small hydroelectric central

Italian gluten-free,
distributed all over the world

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