Casa Peila

Molino Peila's new shop, a few steps from the historical plant in Valperga, in which you can find all our products and a large variety of territorial specialities.

You can choose the quality of the products of Molino Peila and Riseria Peila, the sweet and savory baked goods prepared in our La Ruà artisan laboratory and the selection made for you of Eccellenze Italiane.
  • Polenta, gluten-free flours and mixes Molino Peila branded
  • Traditional and organic rice from Riseria Peila
  • Specialities from our pastry laboratory La Ruà
  • Our gluten-free beers
  • A selection of wheat flours
  • Rice and corn cakes, savoury snacks and gluten-free pasta
  • Organic products for breakfast and snacks
  • Wines and liquors, sauces and oils
  • An accurate selection of territorial specialities
Casa Peila - Interno

The polenta - Molino Peila

The organic selections of Casa Peila

The beers - Molino Peila

Where we are

Casa Peila is in Valperga (TO) – Frazione Gallenca, 27
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From Monday to Friday
h 08:30 - 12:30 and 15:00 - 19:00

h 08:30 - 12:30

Sunday closed

For people who live outside the area, we remind you that on our online shop the full range of products Molino Peila and Riseria Peila, a selection of other flours and products are available.

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Casa Peila - Outside

La Ruà- Our handmade pastry laboratory

To widen the offer of gluten-free products, at the end of 2021 a piedmontese pastry chef with whom we have been working for years entered the team: La Ruà.

By putting together his competences, our raw materials and the common knowledge in the field  a steadily growing line of savoury and sweet products, made with out gluten-free flours, was born. 

  • Classic biscuits and "occhio di bue" biscuits
  • Pies and monodose small pies
  • Fruitcakes, sweet focaccia and festive specialities
  • Breadsticks and savoury snacks
  • Refrigerated countertop desserts

All the handmade specialities La Ruà branded are also available for the catering sector: cafès, bars, restaurants and everyone who want to widen their menu, to address to the intolerant or celiac clients. 

Write to our pastry chef for more information

Pasticceria dolce e salata - La Ruà

Fresh pastry - La Ruà

Fresh pastry - La Ruà

Gluten-free tarts - La Ruà

Eccellenze Italiane

We have selected and brought to Casa Peila specialties that tell the story of our territory and the Bel Paese.
Eccellenze Italiane is the result of a long research and a cooperative work with companies that share our passion for quality food and drinks.
With Eccellenze Italiane of the "Selezione di Casa Peila" we aim to provide a rich range of foods and enogastronomic specialties able to satisfy everyone's requests, presenting a vast assortment of products to bring to the table or to give as gifts.

  • Organic products for breakfast and snack

  • Local wines and liqueurs, rice, sauces and oils
  • Local and national excellences

Piatti pronti e ricette Italiane

Grappe e liquori

Antipasti misti

Antipasti misti

Molino Peila recipes 

We have been collaborating for many years with chefs and foodbloggers to offer you pratical and tasty recipes, gluten-free and not, in which you can use our products. Get inspired by these delicacies to prepare your next dishes!

Discover the recipes made with our products

Gluten-free Ravioli del Plin - L'italia in pentola

Gluten-free buffet sandwiches

Gluten free hazelnut cake - L'italia in pentola

Italian gluten-free,
distributed all over the world

We are the best partner for Italian and International food companies. For more information fill the contact form or call us to +39 0124 617134
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